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    WEALTH OF CONTENTS DIAMOND PERFUME Montale perfumes are characterized by love of Oriental scents and Saudi and enchanted stories. Perfumers around the world have selected the Incense, the Balsam, Amber, Cedar, precious wood and a thousand other wonderful scents for perfumes Montale happiness ointments or love potions. The Aouds millennia and secret ointments which kings and sultans attributed aphrodisiac give subtlety, strength and flavor to these scents from the beginning of time.


    MANCERA was created in 2008 under the impulsion of one of the biggest perfumes distribution company in the Gulf States, AL ATHAR. The creators of MONTALE perfumes have played an active role in this project.The name MANCERA was imagined to work well on a global scale.


    (ties, leather goods, luggage, home fragrance)


  • TUMI


    (Luggage and Leather Goods)